UV-BANS Blue Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women, Polarized UV 400 Gradient Lens


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  • FASHION CATEYE DESIGN – The most fashionable design, the perfect cover your eyes.Blocking the sun at all angles. So that your glasses will not be due to sun exposure and fatigue
  • HIGH QUALITY FRAME – Sunglasses is made of high quality metal material that is durable enough for long time using.They are suitable for any climate and weather conditions.
  • TAC POLARIZED LENS – specialized multi layer lens designed to filter and block over 99.96% of glare – J+S Polarized lenses blocks out intense horizontal reflections (glare) by having vertically oriented filter layer embedded in the lens, providing maximum comfort and improved visibility. These lens are are tough, lightweight, scratch resistant, and have high optical clarity (distortion free, clear vision), making them an excellent choice for general outdoor and water sports activities.
  • UV400 PROTECTION-Lenses block 99% or 100% of UVB and UVA rays.UV 400 indicates an eye protection item that has been optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation. One of the biggest differences between UV 400 protected items as compared to other items that protect against the sun’s radiation is the fact that UV 400 protected items are capable of blocking light rays as small as 400 nanometers.
  • ADAPT TO ALL OCCASIONS – such as walking, driving, shopping, traveling, taking photos, and is suitable as high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round. It is also gift ready ready, making it a wonderful yet practical gift idea for friends and Family!

(1) UV380 or UV400 or 100% UV refers to the sunglasses with UV protection function.Anti-ultraviolet ability relates to with the lens material.


Choosing sunglasses can not only pursue the style of fashion gorgeous, but also pay attention to its eye protection.
(1) Gray: it can absorbs any color, showing the true natural feeling
(2) Brown: It can filters out a lot of blue light and improve the visual contrast and clarity,it is good for eye in the air pollution (such as dust storms) or foggy.
(3)Green:neutral color, It can increase the green light for eyes, so it is cool and comfortable for people who are prone to fatigue.
(4)Blue: It is suitable for people play on beach beach, the blue can effectively filter out reflected light blue of the sea and the sky.People should avoid using a blue lens sunglasses during driving,because it is difficult to make driver distinguish the traffic signal.


(1)The color of the lens affects the absorption of visible light only, and has nothing to do with the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation. The ability to resist ultraviolet radiation is only related to the lens material.
(2)The choice of sunglasses lens color is not the darker, the better. Different colors of lenses have different functions.Generally the lens color of the best is in gray, green and brown, not too deep, not too shallow.
(3) According to the depth of lens color, the sunglasses lens shade are divided into four kinds, followed by 15%, 34%, 50%, 70% color series.
15% of the deepest depth, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, especially those who with myopic eyes, very easy to suitable.
34% of the depth, which are used under normal sun exposure.
50% of sunglasses can be worn in the hot sun and the seaside.
70% of sunglasses are of special use, generally used in welding and other engineering professionals.


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